Popular questions asked by experts and clients

TBCA’s focus is to be the destination that connects top quality consultants and consulting firms with businesses who need to accelerate their growth. If you have a professional skill that helps businesses – TBCA is the place for you. For example, skills in Strategy, Feasibility Studies, Human Resources, Marketing, Management Consulting, Cybersecurity etc. are skills businesses need and examples of skills that are sought after on TBCA. Our experts are also lovers of growing businesses and have a burning passion for entrepreneurship.
While we focus on quality professional experience – certifications are helpful to show that you are qualified in that field. Though you don’t need a professional certification – we have seen that clients are more likely to accept bids from experts who have both quality experience and professional certifications.
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Projects differ in timing, scope and requirement which then influences the pricing. Pricing is usually dependent on the complexity of the project and the skills needed
The process to sign up on TBCA includes an in-depth application review, a telephone chat – think of it as a brief informal chat to speak to a member of the team. In very rare cases, one can have the telephone chat waived if you get a direct referral from a current highly rated Expert who can attest to the quality of your skills.
TBCA charges a service fee which covers marketing, technology, development and management expenses incurred in matching you or your firm with a client.
Easy, we can process payments to any location in the world through PayPal or International bank transfers. Be rest assured, where you live will not hinder you receiving your payments.
All you need to do as a client is to sign up and register as a business in need of highly skilled expertise. It’s quick and easy. Once complete, you will be registered as a client. Remember, you need to create a project and list it before your project becomes public and shared with interested experts or firms with matching skills.
The cost of a project is influenced by a variety of factors, the complexity, scope, duration of the project, the cost of the expert’s time and resources needed to complete the project. We advise that you keep your rates competitive. You can also always chat us on our online platforms to assist in valuing your project.
TBCA has several processes embedded in the platform to avoid that from happening. From making sure you agree clear and specific milestones and KPIs from the onset of the project to a strong feedback system during and after the project. If the project does not meet the KPIs stated in the launch of the project – the payment will continually be held in the escrow account, before it is paid out to the expert.
Yes, absolutely.
You can reach us through the website anytime from 9am – 5pm (WAT) Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays) and one of our ‘Hello Team’ members will be there to give you all the help you need!